3 Main Reasons Why Selling Tebet House Sells Fast!

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Padang.info – 3 Main Reasons Why Selling Tebet House Sells Fast! – Many people target the Jakarta area as a place to live. Especially if that person has a lot of activities in the city center or offices in South Jakarta and Central Jakarta. The strategic location of the property (especially the house or apartment), of course, has a lot of interest, and Tebet is no exception. It’s no wonder that selling Tebet’s house will sell quickly.

Some of the main causes why selling Tebet houses are selling well until now are because of their strategic location and complete facilities.

Strategic Tebet Location
The first reason selling Tebet houses tends to sell faster is because of its very strategic and convenient location. Tebet is a District in South Jakarta.The Tebet area includes, Menteng Dalam Sub-district, West Tebet Sub-district, East Tebet Sub-district, Kebon Baru Sub-district, Bukit Duri Sub-district, Manggarai Sub-district and South Manggarai Sub-district.

Tebet is an area close to toll roads, office centers, shopping centers to hangout places for young people. Call it cafes, restaurants, places to eat, residential areas, boarding houses, offices, and distros.

But, did you know? According to history, Tebet was once an area of ​​swamps and shrubs that resembled a tebat forest. “Tebat” is the word used by the Malays, who were residents at that time, to refer to “lebat”.

Meanwhile, the native Betawi people who make up the majority of the population, call it “tebet” aka lush or dense. Well, that’s where the word Tebet comes from.

Transportation Facilities in Tebet
The second reason for selling the Tebet house is the high demand for transportation facilities that can help facilitate mobility.

If you are used to taking KRL, you can get on and off at Tebet Station, Manggarai Station, and Cawang Station. Want to travel by bus? You can find many buses in Tebet, because Tebet is close to Manggarai Bus Terminal.

What if you want to travel by private vehicle? Don’t worry, Tebet which is also close to Pancoran has many roads that are connected to various major roads including the Inner City Toll Road to various sub-urban areas of Jakarta.

Yes, as the border of South Jakarta, you could say the Tebet area is the right area if you want to find an area close to Central Jakarta, East Jakarta, to North Jakarta. Practical and efficient for your mobility, don’t be surprised if selling Tebet houses is quite high.

Tebet Integrated Facilities
Tebet, which in the 1970s was often referred to as a place for OKB (New Rich People) displaced by Senayan, has various facilities that help this area continue to grow. Starting from health facilities, educational facilities, to entertainment facilities. That is why selling Tebet houses is very high in demand.

The newest and currently under construction is the FPSA by DKI Jakarta. FPSA is a waste processing facility that aims to reduce waste by changing the shape, composition, characteristics, and amount (volume and weight) of waste using proven and environmentally friendly waste processing technology.

If you are trying to sell a Tebet house or are looking for a secondary house, you can search for various information about houses and apartments in Tebet as well as connect with a Tebet real estate agent through Prospeku.

On Prospeku, there is a Co-Broke feature where real estate agents can share listings about their secondary homes. In this feature, real estate agents can promote it through digital platforms. Thus, home sales can be more optimal, effective, and on target.

Not only that, by connecting with a real estate agent Prospeku, you can look for a primary house with an attractive KPR interest rate offer, convenience with the Approval in Principal system before applying for a KPR, to various other promos up to tens of millions of rupiah. For more information, just contact the Prospeku team here!

Those are some things you need to know why selling Tebet houses is very high in demand. The development process is fast, easy access, adequate facilities, to an environment with a metropolitan Jakarta lifestyle.-3 Main Reasons Why Selling Tebet House Sells Fast!


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